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2004 - work on DarkSide Tetris + a new project

The year 2004 began with Message '04 - the first Estonian demoscene event. Beau Monde was inspired and made plans about going to Assembly '04 - the largest demoparty in the area. The idea was to take part in the game development competition.

A new project was started, scheduled for Assembly '04. Dan Bogdanov, Siim Kinnas and Oliver Oberg designed the new game and implementation could start. Also on the team was Jaanus Uri, a new programmer at Beau Monde. Unfortunately the game wasn't completed on time and the trip was cancelled. The project was still continued.

Another new member in Beau Monde was Hendrik Kalajas. His first mission was to create an installation package for DarkSide Tetris. The job was well done and thanks to him every new version of DarkSide Tetris has an installation program.

In the end of the year we were in a completely new position for us - we had a stable project which we update regularly (DarkSide Tetris). Although problems exist, we fix them thanks to the feedback from our testers.

The last few days of 2004 were spent on moving the web services to a new server provided by Pärnu LAN Community - PLANC). All the web pages and e-mail addresses were updated.

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