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Beau Monde Network @ Message 04

Beau Monde Network went to Message 04 to take part in the multimedia, graphics and music compos. The team was: DarkStar, sTeaLth and freestyler.

From left to right: freestyler, sTeaLth, DarkStar

Beau Monde had never been thought of as a demogroup. But then we wanted to compete in the multimedia compo and so The Suntrix - our first demo - was born. It was made in one day and without any experience in demomaking. The authors were: DarkStar (coding/choreography), sTeaLth (gfx) and freestyler (soundtrack).

The concept author was sTeaLth, whose Suntrix is the main "character" in the demo. The 90 seconds depict it's journey from darkness to light and sun. But unfortunately no-one can be told what the Suntrix really is...

Suntrix, also sTeaLth's "Sky is looking at the other colours" ("Taevas vaatab teisi värve") and freestyler's "Message 04" can be downloaded from the site.
Beau Monde Network - The Suntrix
freestyler - message 04
sTeaLth - Taevas vaatab teisi värve

The idea for such an event came about a year ago. It wasn't until now that it became a reality. We hope to meet you next year at Message 05!

Beau Monde Network - founded 1998
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