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2003 - full speed ahead

M.O.B. Kru celebrates it's fifth birthday in April, Beau Monde later in August. The number of active members has decreased but the quality of our creations is higher.

The year began in a hurry - debugging DarkSide Tetris and organizing tournaments left The Cord without attention for some time. The second tetris tournament was held at the Experiment 2003 lanparty together with the graphics and music competition Tartu VP'03 Compo (in co-operation with the team). Beau Monde Network was mentioned in the magazine Arvutimaailm as an Estonian game developer.

Another tetris tournament was held at the PLANC LAN vol 7 lanparty. After that work on DarkSide Tetris was stopped. The Cord was given some attention and April the Tech-Test 51 was released. After that work started on the new version of DarkSide Tetris

Beau Monde's fifth birthday was very quiet. The only event we had was the registering of the domain name. Most of the members helped - thanks a lot, everyone! The cake-and-champagne birthdays are probably yet to come...

DarkSide Tetris: The Second Block iss doing well. It is nicer, more stable and more fun thanks to the total redesign. It will appear only on LANparties during the development period, but online servers will be set up one day.

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