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2001 - a fresh start

Beginning of the year - as there is no deadline for The Cord, little work is done. The more optimistic minds suggested some results at the beginning of year 2001 but nothing that could be considered 'final' was ready at that time.

The Open Source side is inactive. There were ideas about promoting group learning projects for school pupils who are interested in programming. Unfortunately due to inactivity this remained an idea.

Work on The Cord started in summer. The websites were remade and some clanwars played. In August we organized a small lanparty in Pärnu. In November a much larger gathering of computer gamers took place in co-operation with the Estonian Computer Club (Eesti Arvutiklubi).

Pärnu Lanparty hosted the first official presentation of The Cord. Some CD-s were made of the current version (build 50) and given to the winners of the competitions. The authors of the game got their copies too.

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