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2000 - being low on time

In the year 2000 Rain Allikvee started modelling for The Cord and Sten Herne (aka freestyler) joined as the musician.

Later in the year Elver Loho joined the group and did some work on the storyline. Andrus Kosk and Marti Miller helped us with modelling and Elmo Trolla joined us as coder. With so much support the hope of finishing The Cord someday got a little boost.

Beau Monde has never been (and will never be) a full-time working organization. Playing ball or simply spending time together is a part of being a member. Beau Monde organized the first lanparty-like event in Pärnu - Beau Monde ClanWars. The response was very good and in time the gaming scene in Pärnu has formed an organization called PLANC - Pärnu LAN Community.

Beau Monde Network - founded 1998
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