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1998 - founding of the M.O.B. Kru, development of 2075 AD

The organization currently known as Beau Monde was started in 1998 (14th of April should be the exact date). An amateur programmer wanted to create something bigger than his previous works...

Dan Bogdanov presented the idea of a computer game to some friends of his. Jorgen Matsi agreed to do the graphics and Oliver Oberg was responsible for the sound. The original plans were refined until the concept of 2075 AD was formed.

The group called themselves the M.O.B. Kru (Matsi-Oberg-Bogdanov Crew). A change in the name was suggested when Martin Rääk joined the group as a more professional musician. Jorgen started work on the game design including the scenario, Oliver concentrated on the graphics and Siim Kinnas became the second artist.

August the 2nd 1998 is the official birthday of Beau Monde. Around 9 pm the name Beau Monde Productions was selected from the candidates.

Due to several reasons (bad choice of architecture for the implementation) the project was canceled in the autumn. The results reached can be found in the projects section of this webpage.

A new project had been on everybodys mind for some weeks already. After some design meetings the new game was named 'The Cord'. Jorgen Matsi developed the original storyline for this roleplaying adventure. Work on the game itself started some weeks later.

Beau Monde Network - founded 1998
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