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2007 - The year of achievements

The year started with the quiet but persistent development of DarkSide Tetris. The long-awaited result was DarkSide Tetris: The Second Block version 1.0, released in March 2007.

To commemorate the event Beau Monde organized the largest press coverage to date. DarkSide Tetris was covered in Estonian and Finnish computer magazines. The Estonian magazine 'digi' distributed DarkSide Tetris on its cover CD. The most important event, however, was Estonias first twin-lanparty - ETC'07+Experiment'07 which took place in two cities at the same time. This meant that players from Tallinn could use the shared network to play with players from Tartu. A live demonstration of the game was also held both in Tallinn and Tartu, by using the unusual videoconferencing setup of Skype+VNC, which took care of transferring the talk, the image of the talker and also the game.

The rise in the number of players also brought out some inconveniences, which were fixed in the maintenance release 1.1, released in September 2007. Work continued on the web-based game portal, which had been in planning for a long time. The success of DarkSide Tetris encouraged us to continue with the project to the end.

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